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Lydgate Farms

Kauai Chocolate Farm Tours and Tastings

We Love Chocolate

Our family has been farming in the islands since the days of the Hawaiian kingdom. Recognized three times as producing the best cacao beans in the world by Cocoa of Excellence in Paris, France — we are pioneers of cacao farming on Kauai.

In Hawaiian, the phrase Malama ‘Aina means to care for the land so it can sustain life for future generations. As a fifth-generation family in Hawaii, we are honored to be stewards of both the land and local culture since 1865. We are proud to continue our family’s legacy through the experience of small-scale sustainable cacao farming, exquisitely crafted chocolate, and educational farm tours on our historically-rich property.

Kauai Chocolate Tours and Tastings

FROM: $135

Our famous chocolate farm tour — the first of its kind on Kaua’i, widely copied, never surpassed, it is Kauai’s most enjoyable and educational activity. Your three-hour guided tour begins with a stroll through our botanical gardens, where you sample our award-winning palm-blossom honey, experience our vanilla beans, and do an extensive tropical fruit tasting. At Lydgate Farms, formerly Steelgrass Farm, learn all about Theobroma Cacao the chocolate tree and taste its ripe fruit, learn the secrets of turning raw cacao seeds into finished chocolate, and discover the amazing health benefits of chocolate.

Lydgate Chocolate Tasting Room now open in Kapaa Town: Monday-Friday, 10:00am-4:00pm.

Hour Glass Duration: 3 Hours User Ages: Ages 7+
Calendar Days: Mon-Fri Clock Start Time: 9am, 10am, 11am, & 12pm

Lydgate Farms cacao beans have been recognized three times to be among the best tasting in the world at the Cacao of Excellence awards in Europe!

(2017, 2021, 2023)

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Lydgate Chocolate Tasting Room

Now open in downtown Kapaa: Monday-Friday, 10:00am-4:00pm. Purchase Lydgate Farms chocolate, vanilla, honey, and other delicious products straight from the source, enjoy free samples, and chat with a friendly tasting guide who will answer your questions or help you book a farm tour. Find directions to our store here.


Every product we sell is special to us because we sell all of them directly to you — our farm ohana (family). All of our products are naturally grown with lots of Kauai sunshine and rainwater, hand-harvested, and processed in small batches with skill and aloha to ensure the highest quality. Experience our award-winning Lydgate Farms single origin Hawaiian chocolate, vanilla beans, and farm honey, and check out our multi-bar tasting packs and product groupings, perfect gifts for the special people in your lives. Order the taste of Kauai, straight to your door. Shop now.


#1 Rated Tour on Kauaʻi

A worthwhile, informative and enjoyable tour!

This tour was so enjoyable! One of the best ever! Mason was our guide and not only was he incredibly witty and personable, but was so knowledgeable of the workings of the farm as well as all of the trees, fruits, and the making of cocoa into craft chocolate. The fruit and chocolate tastings were beyond generous and truly gave us an new appreciation of craft chocolate versus candy.

– Jill J. • TripAdvisor
True Kauai culture!

Henry was our tour guide and was energetic, informative, organized and professional. On the farm tour he taught about about the plants, trees, shrubs, and weeds- their importance and usefulness on the farm. Getting to taste farm grown fruits, their chocolate, and those from around the world built true appreciation for the process, quality, and challenges they face. The chocolate was divine and worth savoring.

– lesleymaginas • TripAdvisor
Deliciously Informative!

Lydgate Farms tour was a fascinating experience! We learned so much from Henry our guide about regenerative farming. We tasted seven kinds of tropical fruits that were amazing and we had 10 kinds of chocolate!!! It’s worth every penny and we absolutely will be back again!

– Angel F. • TripAdvisor
One of the best tours we have taken!

This has to be one of our favorite tours of all the islands and we have been to them all!! We had Jake as a tour guide. He was hell bent on making sure we knew how the Cacau beans were grown and processed versus the companies that do not grow Cacau on the islands. He was fantastic in his knowledge and desire to educate us on the history and production of the great Lydgate Farms products!! We will be back !! We had numerous samples of chocolate !!! Well worth the cost of the tour!!

– Jerry_Karen_12 • TripAdvisor
A unique tour that should not be overlooked

This may seem like an odd tour to take on Kaua'i; however, you will not be disappointed. We learned not only a great deal about growing cacao in Kaua'i but also about the chocolate industry in general. We were also treated to many tastings from tropical fruits to cacao itself. We highly recommend this tour.

– Michael I. • TripAdvisor
Enjoyed the tour!

Our third wonderful time spent enjoying the farm, the fruit, and of course the chocolate at Lydgate. Our guide this time was Mel, a knowledgeable and thoroughly delightful young lady who instantly turned the entire group of “guests” into her good friends, sharing history, technical insights into chocolate and organic farming as well as fun and insight stories about herself, the farm, and their products. Informative, great fun, and a really great way to spend a few hours immersed in the joy of Kauai!

– Stay747560 • TripAdvisor
Great tour and great chocolate!!

Sorry but this should be 10 STARS! Place was fabulous. We learned a lot about chocolate that we never knew before. One of the highlights was our guide Jackson. He was funny (Very funny actually) and informative. (Very informative actually.). I highly recommend this tour. It’s one of the best we’ve been on on the island of Kauai.

– SKCYCLES • TripAdvisor
A Unique and Fun Experience on Kauai

This tour exceeded my expectations. Our guide was very informative and made the experience a lot of fun. I learned a lot about how chocolate is produced commercially, as well as the different types, grades and tastes of chocolate. As a result, have become much more selective when it comes to purchasing chocolate. Their dark chocolate macadamia nuts and the rum chocolate bar are divine! Highly recommend this tour.

– Susan E. • TripAdvisor
100% worth it!

This was probably the best tour we did while on Kauai! We thought it would be fun but had no idea how much fun and how much we would learn! Mason was a fantastic guide and the fact he is also one of the farmers and lives on the farm made it even better! We got to try all sorts of tropical fruits and then when we got to the chocolate tasting portion, it was truly an experience. And educational. Highly recommend this tour!

– Toni A • TripAdvisor
Highly Recommended!

Hands down a can’t miss experience. The tour is incredibly informative about not only chocolate but other plants and fruits that grow on the farm as well. You get to try chocolate in every step of their process from start to finish and enjoy many other in-season fruits from the land. All in all such a cool (and incredibly tasty) experience, highly recommend.

– Julia W.
Beautiful farm to table experience!

Gosh our guide, the farm and the chocolate made the experience.!!!! I didn't catch our guides name, but we went on Monday May 29th from 11am-2pm. He was so passionate and knowledgeable about the farm, chocolate, honey, vanilla, trees, Mr. Lydgate. He made the experience so special. It was a lot of Chocolate, very generous and well done. The stations were fun and educational. I live here on the South Shore and will tell everyone at my restaurant, Cabana Bar & Grill @thecabanakauai! Thank you! A Hui Ho!

– Kristina C. • TripAdvisor
Chocolate lovers heaven!!

I had seen the Lydgate Chocolate Tour on Facebook. The reviews were all positive and the tour sounded good, so I signed up myself and 2 teen daughters. We all had a great time! It was fun and informative and the samples of fruit and chocolate were excellent! Jacob was an excellent tour guide. He possesses a passion for what he does and it shows! I highly recommend. Definitely a unique tour! Lydgate chocolate is to die for! Sooooooo good!

– Alicia B. • TripAdvisor
A must do. It’s awesome!

What a wonderful experience. We learned so much about chocolate and the farm. It was great! Our guide was very informative and entertaining. We snacked on very different fruits and learned about how they’re grown. We ate chocolate and chocolate and then chocolate. It was fantastic! When we got home we ordered through they’re website. It shipped fast, still tastes great! Highly recommend.

– U1483CTjamesl • TripAdvisor
Fully Engaged Chocolate Experience

What a delightful deep dive into mindful experiences of both the experience of tasting chocolate but also the the fully engaged regenerative farming process. Lydgate Farm tour opened my eyes to the experience of chocolate from plant to bean to liquor to the 'food of the Gods' and opened my heart to the island wide regenerative farming to growing food for the island and the world. Good people solid family business.

– Steven D • TripAdvisor